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Grace Jones Wrote a Book You Should Read

For the most part, I am reading purely for pleasure; and I find I want to explore time periods. One of those times periods has a lot to do with wondering what the impact of the world around had on my childhood and thus, the woman I’ve grown to be. I was born in 74, […] - (read more)

Book Review: Karen Kingston’s Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui

Life has been pretty interesting lately. My love and I have gone on a pretty significant life changing journey over the past year and things have been pretty satisfying. A large part of this journey has been dealing with things that were holding us back individually – fears, angers, hurts, all that. You know what […] - (read more)

From Wonder Woman to Scully to…Me

I joined the military in 1992, celebrated my 18th birthday in boot camp, my 21st birthday in a bar in the Caribbean (with a bunch of drunk sailors), and then only one after that on the dry land of the United States, all others were just another day while floating in the middle of the […] - (read more)

Viewing Nicki Minaj Differently

Let me preface this with: I know very little about Nicki Minaj, other than if I was asked about the artists that dress the most outlandish, I’d name her and Lady Gaga; and I’d do so with the respect of understanding they know how to stand out from the rest. Honestly, I couldn’t tell you […] - (read more)